How to make the cat stand?
Actually the "Namennayo" Cats are seated.

When "Namennayo" Cats made their big break in 1981, many people were asking "How are the cats standing?, and made ill-intended comments such as "Those kittens had to be stuffed cats", "They put a stick in them to make them stand", "Maybe they wrapped wire around the kittens?", "They've got to have put plastered clothing on the kittens", or "No, it's all superimposed". Among many, worse comments were ones like: "They gave the cats shots to make them unconscious then they took the pictures". People who said those things were either jealous about the success of the "Namen Nayo" Cats or it was an act of self-advertisement, or an act to pretend to be a specialist. With expressions and wording never seen, those irresponsible lies were spread out. If they had even thought about it with any common sense then, they would not know that it was impossible to take photos of the kittens in the ways they had suggested, nor could we ever capture the lively eyes and expressions of the kittens. Tsuda says that the kittens were animals he took great care of to nurture as his own children, and "Namen nayo" Cats was created by a group of cat lovers. It was natural that we took great care during each photo shoot. We had many media people coming in to see our photo shoot and to report on everything from dressing the kittens to the actual photo shoots. Along with the media coverage the rumors fade out.
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